WEEE Categories: 1. Large Household Appliances

The following guidance is from the environment agency:

Categories 1 and 2 include ‘household’ in the title. However, all the categories cover both household (known as business to consumer – B2C) and non-household (known as business to business – B2B) products. Products designed for one or the other but which can be used by both are known as ‘dual use’. Dual use is classed as household EEE and you must report their weight.

  • air conditioning unit – if within a household or business system (units built into non-EEE, such as a lorry or boat are exempt) – if the unit contains substances used for refrigeration report as category 12
  • air curtains
  • air filtering and extracting systems – electrically powered filters, fan systems and extractors, including those built into or attached to a building – if the unit is built into non-EEE such as a lorry or boat, it’s exempt
  • cooker hood
  • furniture that needs electricity to work properly, such as office furniture, for example a desk with speakers, display screen or integrated smart features – does not include electrical upholstered domestic seating (see Non-EEE product examples). Report electrical items that are plug and play or retrofit separately (see also category 8)
  • gas boiler – where they rely on electricity to work properly
  • gas cooker – if it will work as a gas cooker without electricity, such as one with a clock or igniter powered by electricity, it’s not an EEE product – if it needs electricity to work properly, for example to control the burners, it’s an EEE product
  • spa baths, hydrotherapy baths and computerised massage baths
  • sunbeds – report fluorescent bulbs under category 13
  • stairlifts
  • under floor heating systems powered by electricity
  • water coolers (bottle or mains supply) – if it contains refrigerants, report under category 12
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