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Welcome to Mesh Waste Services, your premier partner in top-notch recycling and waste management solutions. At Mesh Waste Services, we specialize in the secure and ethical disposal of electrical equipment, extending our services to Households, Schools, Colleges, Businesses, and Organizations nationwide. Committed to a zero percent WEEE landfill policy, we strictly adhere to environmental agency regulations.

Embedded in our core philosophy is the belief that the most effective form of recycling is reuse. To embody this principle, we’ve assembled a team of skilled and professional staff dedicated to repairing and refurbishing a substantial percentage of broken or faulty equipment, championing a sustainable approach to waste management.

Under the WEEE Directive, the responsible disposal of electrical and electronic waste is a shared obligation for every organization. Mesh Waste Services steps in as your reliable partner, offering cost-effective, hassle-free solutions to ensure that businesses mandated by the WEEE Directive fulfill their responsibilities responsibly and efficiently.

In the era of the Information Age, the proliferation of electronic devices has led to a rapid and ever-increasing wave of obsolescence. Recognizing this challenge, our vision at Mesh Waste Services is to facilitate responsible recycling of redundant and unwanted electrical equipment. We are dedicated to executing this vision in an efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly manner, contributing to a sustainable and circular approach to waste management. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while meeting your waste disposal needs responsibly.

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Why Mesh Waste Services Stands Out


10 Years of Proven Experience

Guiding you through responsible waste management solutions.


100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Unwavering commitment to exceeding your expectations.


£5,000 in Annual Savings, on Average

Helping you thrive through cost-effective waste management.


48-Hour Response Time, Typically

Swift and reliable waste collection, whenever you need it.

Join Us in Going Green

Take the first step towards a sustainable future with our waste management services.

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