WEEE Categories: 2. Small Household Appliances

The following guidance is from the Environment Agency:

Categories 1 and 2 include ‘household’ in the title. However, all the categories cover both household (known as business to consumer – B2C) and non-household (known as business to business – B2B) products. Products designed for one or the other but which can be used by both are known as ‘dual use’. Dual use is classed as household EEE and you must report their weight.

  • air fresheners and perfume sprayers – includes plug-in or battery powered
  • extension cords, multi-terminals, adaptors and extension leads – if sold as part of a specific product, report under the product’s category
  • electric ironing board – with specific electronic functionality
  • electric shower – electric pumps and control units supplied as part of a shower package are EEE products
  • loft ladders with electronic controls
  • massage appliances, for example massage pads that fit onto chairs
  • roller screens with electronic winders
  • sockets, switches, dimmers and plugs
  • taps with extra functions, such as sensors or safety features
  • torches and bike lights – includes filament bulbs and LED torches
  • travel adaptors which enable any UK electrical appliance to be plugged into an electrical socket in another country
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