WEEE Categories: 3. IT and telecommunications equipment

The following guidance is from the environment agency:

  • car diagnostic equipment – equipment plugged into a car’s central processing unit to diagnose and record faults
  • cards with chips – for example, set top box cards and cards that need electronic or electromagnetic fields to work, such as pre-paid Oyster and travel cards (not bank cards)
  • HDMI cables
  • memory cards, USB sticks and SIM cards
  • power packs and power banks – rechargeable power banks or single use batteries that provide a portable power supply for electronic devices – used to recharge mobile smart phones or tablets when mains power is unavailable (deduct the weight of the internal battery from the overall weight of the power bank unit)
  • printer cartridges that need electric currents or electromagnetic fields to work – exclude the ink from the weight you report
  • radio frequency identification devices (RFID) – includes radio tracking devices, anti-theft devices and electronic tags for criminals (a RFID security feature that forms part of the product’s packaging is not an EEE product)
  • satellite navigation (sat nav) systems – sat navs are EEE products – those permanently wired and fixed into a vehicle or yacht are part of the vehicle and are not EEE products
  • smart mirrors with integral displays and WiFi or bluetooth technology
  • touch screens that have integral computers, such as e-readers, tablet computers and patient check-in systems
  • USB memory sticks and drives
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