WEEE Weekly: Transferring waste to a broker

Before transferring your waste to a person or business, it’s crucial to verify their authorization to handle waste. An authorized individual or entity falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Valid Registration: Individuals with a valid registration as a waste carrier, broker, or dealer.
  2. Environmental Permit or Registered Exemption: Waste management operators possessing an environmental permit or registered exemption allowing them to accept such waste.

It is your responsibility to request evidence of authorisation from the person or business receiving your waste or arranging the transfer. This can include a copy of their permit or proof of exemption registration. Additionally, cross-verify the information they provide using the public register, which includes details on waste carrier, broker, and dealer registrations, environmental permits for waste operations, and waste exemptions.

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In England, you can also check the EA’s public register or call 03708 506 506. In Wales, refer to NRW’s public register or call 0300 065 3000.

It’s imperative for the recipient of the waste to ensure the previous holder complied with their duty of care. If there are suspicions of a breach, such as misdescribing or improper storage, refrain from accepting the waste and report concerns to the EA or NRW.

Document all checks conducted, as this serves as evidence of meeting your duty of care. When employing a dealer or broker for waste management, their registration as a dealer or broker with the regulator is mandatory, even if they don’t physically possess the waste.

If a dealer or broker is involved in the waste transfer as either the transferor or transferee, their details, including the registration number, must be included in the waste transfer information. Waste carriers, dealers, and brokers are obligated to present evidence of registration upon request by authorities. Failure to do so without reasonable excuse may result in prosecution under section 5 of the Control of Pollution (Amendment) Act 1989.

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