WEEE Weekly: Who does a duty of care apply to?

The duty of care extends to individuals engaged in importing, producing, carrying, keeping, treating, disposing of, or acting as a dealer or broker exercising control over controlled waste, referred to herein as a “waste holder.” Waste holders encompass various roles, including:

  • Waste Producer: This includes private businesses like shops, offices, factories, tradespersons (e.g., electricians, builders, glaziers, plumbers), public sector services (e.g., schools, hospitals, prisons), as well as charities, voluntary groups, and community organizations. Permitted operations or exempt facilities producing waste as part of their activities are also classified as waste producers. Those conducting operations altering the nature or composition of waste are considered producers, playing a pivotal role in fulfilling duty of care requirements, given their ability to identify the nature and characteristics of the waste, particularly in the context of WEEE recycling.
  • Waste Carrier: Any person regularly transporting waste as part of a business or for profit, including those producing and transporting their own waste, such as builders and landscape gardeners.
  • Waste Dealer: Individuals, businesses, or organizations purchasing waste with the intention of subsequently selling it, even in cases where the dealer does not physically possess the waste.
  • Waste Broker: Those who arrange waste transportation and manage waste on behalf of others, including entities outsourcing waste collection services (e.g., local authorities, supermarkets, producer responsibility compliance schemes). This role is especially pertinent in the context of coordinating WEEE recycling efforts.
  • Waste Manager: Individuals involved in the collection, transport, recovery, or disposal of controlled waste. This includes supervising operations, overseeing the after-care of disposal sites, and actions taken as a dealer or broker. WEEE recycling initiatives often fall under the purview of waste managers.

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